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Greg Craybas is a nature and wildlife photographer based in Syracuse, NY.  His photographs are born from a keen eye that has developed from his career in dentistry.  His constant pursuit of excellence in dentistry and creative talents have crossed over from dentistry to his passion of photography.  The climate and environment that we live in changes, and so is our relationship to wildlife and nature. How often do we associate wildlife and the landscape with conservation, preservation, and management? Are we so afraid to harm anything that we do not go outside to become a part of our environment? Why have we become so obsessed with what we have lost and not what we have? The responsibility now is to present imagery that celebrates the world we live in today and preserve it for the enjoyment of future generations.  His photographic goal is to capture the raw power, color, and balance of our environment and wildlife at the moment of nature’s beauty as it happened.  Man has manipulated our environment enough—photography need not follow the same path. The irony is that in our complex digital world, many of us need technology as a motivational tool to get outside. 

Ultimately, if an image can initiate a pause, then perhaps it will raise awareness of what we are losing, perhaps forever! The key is not to view a photograph as a window, but as an invitation to get outdoors.

He has been recently published in the March/April 2014 edition of Audubon Magazine for Snowy Owls. 


Continuing Education

Nikon School 2009, 2010 Syracuse University
Digital Landscape Workshop 2009 - Bar Harbor Maine
Digital Landscape Workhop 2010 - Freeport Maine
Syracuse University Lightworks Grant applicant
The Fine Art of Digital Printing with JP Caponigro and R Mac Holbert
Professional Practices Workshop for gallery and grant publication, Syracuse University Lightworks 2010
Adirondack Photography Institute 2010 Winter workshop
Tony Sweet Photography workshop 2012 - Charleston SC
Coastal Brown Bear Photography - Katmai NP Alaska August 2013
Bald Eagle Photography - Homer Alaska March 2014


Birds of Onondaga Lake exhibit sponsored by Audubon of New York March 2014
Creative Dental Concepts of CNY -  Professional Installations 2014
Caruso Orthodontics -  Professional Installations 2013
Arigo Orthodontics -  Professional Installations 2013